Underrated Features of Alarm Locks

At SOS Locksmith, we’re major fans of alarm locks. They’re a fantastic standalone solution to those looking to upgrade their commercial or storage facility with a card access system. They make it unnecessary to hand out a ton of keys and rekey a bunch of locks, and instead all you have to do is hand out ID badges and/or codes. You can fully monitor all variables inside the system, and they’re even available in wireless iterations for maximum convenience! However, there’s many hidden features of alarm locks that are often overlooked and ignored completely. In this brief blog post, we’ll go over some of the most underrated aspects of alarm locks.


Cards and Pins

For the most part, users of alarm lock systems use a pin code or proxy card, but there’s also available options to require both of these for entrance. If you have a particular room with heightened security, you can program an alarm lock to require both a pin number and proxy card in order to allow entrance. This guarantees that if somebody simply steals a card or a pin number, they can’t instantly gain access.

Toggling Codes

Toggle codes allow users to leave a door in a locked or unlocked state. You can determine a specific user, code, or card to have the option to leave a door unlocked for any amount of time, making it extra convenient when you’re moving items between rooms for a while and don’t want to keep reentering your code. This also gives you the option to lock the room earlier when needed, a fantastic option if you’re ever closing your space earlier than usual.

Single Use Codes

If you want to give a particular person, like a contractor or cleaner, access to your space on a singular one time basis, without having to come back to reclaim an access card or change their code, you can give them a single use one time code that automatically gets turned off by the system after it’s used.

Wireless Upgrades

Alarm locks have options for wireless programming, that cross-platform communicate with other alarm locks that have not been installed with wireless capabilities – allowing you to manage an entire system of electronic locks on the same exact database. There are alarm lock packages available today that include the gratis upgrade of all existing locks to wireless alarm lock units.

Full Tracking and Auditing

You can easily access fully detailed access reports and legible information from the locks. Alarm locks often prepare full, drawn out audit trails, where you can inspect all entries and denied access requests, so you can fully trace the traffic within your space, and address any potential access issues before they become more of a problem. This really functions as a fantastic security measure!!


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