Underrated Home Security Tips

While certain aspects of home security, like the importance of high quality, durable lock installation, are commonly understood by the majority of the public, many other important home security factors are misunderstood, or not known at all. Here’s a guide to some home security tips that aren’t quite understood by the majority of the public, as prepared by the residential lock installation experts here at SOS Locksmith.


Alarm Keypad Placement

It’s a good idea to place the keypad that you use to arm or deactivate your alarm system not right next to your front door. An intelligent and quiet criminal can watch your keypad combination through the window and potentially break into your home and disarm the system before the police are notified. Instead of doing so, place the alarm keypad in an area that would be impossible for a potential criminal to view  - meaning a place that’s not visible from outside your home. Try keeping the alarm keypad in a closet or a corner away from windows.


Eliminate Criminal Hiding Spots

Don’t let your yard get overgrown full of big bushes by which a thief can hide. Be considerate of vast shadows across your yard that can be utilized for criminal concealment. If you want large bushes consider thorny plants that won’t be accommodating for a criminal to hide in. Consider installing motion detector lights that can automatically turn on when motion is detected in order to discourage potential thieves.


Decoy Valuables

Since thieves usually go for valuable items like purses or jewelry, we recommend hiding your true valuables in a secret place, and leave mock valuables out in the open. Get a purse to keep on your closet door with a wallet full of fake or old gift cards and change; since criminals will likely be in a rush to grab valuables and exit the property, they will grab the decoy instead. Get costume jewelry and leave it out on display or on the open shelf of a jewelry drawer or box, and keep your real jewelry concealed.


Protect your GPS

Smart criminals will often try to trace a person’s normal routine to know when they will and will not be home. If you use a GPS, make the home setting is instead a gas station or area near your home rather than address; this way, if your car is broken into and the GPS is stolen, a thief won’t be able to find out your exact address. We recommend keeping your car in a closed garage to make sure a thief won’t be able to determine whether you are home based on the presence of your car in the driveway or street. And again, we recommend installing motion detector lights to create the appearance that you are home even when you aren’t.


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