Upgrading Home Security

If you want to make sure your home as protected as possible, you need to determine what security upgrades it needs. You can accomplish this by touring your property, and assessing any of it’s security holes, and where they can be filled. Make sure to write a thorough list about any fixes or upgrades that your home security could benefit from. In this short blog entry, I’ll detail some of the ways that you can spot security infrastructure red flags while touring the exterior and exterior of your home.


Outside your Home

  • Can you see inside your home from the street? Can anyone walking, driving, or parked nearby see clearly inside your home, and observe what’s going on? Are there many hiding places like bushes or tall plants right outside your home?

  • Is the outside of your home brightly lit? Is it bright enough that you could see any sort of intruder approach from far away?

  • What kind of gate or fence do you have? If it’s perforated you might be able to spot anyone on your property more easily, Make sure to understand that even tall gates and fences wall you away from any of your neighbors – meaning that if a burglar gets inside your fences, your neighbors couldn’t even spot them if they were trying.


Garage Security

  • Are your garage windows and doors visible? Make sure you can always see the access point to your garage at night.

  • Are the garage’s overhead doors secure and locked, and are any sliding doors on your property secure and locked?


Inside your Home

  • Make sure that your entire home is integrated into your security plan – don’t just set up an alarm system and not assess the rest of your security infrastructure.

  • Do your doors and windows have well-functioning, strong, and secure locks?

  • Check all locks to see if they need to be repaired or changed.


Exterior lighting and motion sensors are always a good idea, as they are a fantastic deterrent to any burglar that might be approaching your home. All interior locks should be re enforced with a deadbolt for extra security – it couldn’t hurt.


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