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Video Intercoms allow you or your family to see who is at the door before unlocking it. The moment someone presses the doorbell a ring sounds and your visitor is displayed on a screen. You have the option of answering the door without ever having to acknowledge your presence. Furthermore, video intercoms are ideal for businesses concerned about the safety of their company and its employees. It’s a safe and secure way of avoiding unwanted guests.

Video intercoms come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are in-house video telephone systems, hands-free video telephones, video indoor stations and more. The video indoor station is a classical unit with a receiver or a hands-free system which can be mounted on the wall or on any flat surface. Hands-free video telephones do not require a receiver or a cable. Simply look your visitor in the face and hold a conversation as if that person were sitting right next to you. Unlike the aforementioned, in-house video telephones do require a receiver. Nonetheless, the system is just as straightforward to operate. Look into the camera, lift the receiver and speak. Technology such as the hands-free video telephone and the in-house video telephone is as effortless to use as they are practical. In terms of price, receiver systems are generally less expensive than their hands-free counterpart.

Video intercoms are versatile systems that can be integrated in more ways than one. It can be used for homes, businesses, schools, religious institutions, security facilities, and so on and so forth. Never again will you have to open the door without being certain who or what is on the other side.

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