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Security systems are a necessity in New York City nowadays.  SOS Locksmith NYC knows that there is just no getting around it, retail stores, corporate offices, and residential homes must have some sort of security system ensuring the safety of their occupants, their goods, and their data.  A preventative security measure like installing an alarm or intercom system will deter potential criminal activity.  Even installing a new lock or calling for a lock repair if your present lock is outdated can increase the security of your home or business.  Unfortunately, we don’t live or work in a totally trustworthy society; therefore, we must take supplementary measures to safeguard our persons and our belongings.  In the 21st century, all stores should really have some form of integrated security system to prevent theft; this statement is perfectly exemplified by the following true story about a friend of mine who innocently went shopping, expecting a smooth trip, but became inadvertently involved in a petty theft gone awry, all of which could have been avoided if the retail store found SOS Locksmith NYC.

A Locksmith Story

Last Saturday morning a good friend of mine, Rose, walked into one of her favorite frequented retail clothing shops down on Wooster St in Soho.  The store seemed calm enough, nothing particularly heinous about any of the patrons; no daunting air filled the room, seemingly no suspicious activities at all.  She looked around, scavenging for blouses, shorts, dresses, any little bits that could make for a cute summer ensemble.  She selects a few prime choices and makes her way over to the fitting room to admire her options.  A rather petite, fragile looking fitting room attendant was handing out plastic numbered tickets and ushering ladies with armfuls of draped garments off into velvet curtained rooms.  Rose patiently waited her turn behind two young chatty women, both carrying about a pound of clothes each.  The attendant beckoned and the two girls walked into a room together.  This struck Rose oddly, as they usually followed the standard custom in this shop of only allowing one person to a room at a time.  Anyhow, they entered their room and almost immediately afterwards another customer exited the adjacent stall, and as my friend was next, the attendant signaled and she walked into the neighboring room.  Whilst trying on her selections, turning to and fro in the full-length mirror, Rose was interrupted by a sudden thwack on the shoulder by what appeared to be a plastic security tag that flew over the adjoining fitting room wall.  She quickly clued in to the now obvious situation then heard a firm knock next door.  The attendant had seen what the girls did, they were asked to open their door, their chatting ceased and Rose could hear clothing being ruffled then, another knock.  This time she heard the door open and the attendant ask them to open their bags, the tension continued to build, and then the explosion came.  A quick barrage of superficial defenses and impulsive insults filled the entire store.  There wasn’t an ear that was not listening to the now exaggerated scene.  The girls cried injustice, throwing their hands in the air, demanding managers, and threatening lawsuits.  The attendant was beyond intimidated and quite out of her league and probably pay grade trying to cope with this situation that was quickly spiraling out of control.  Rose, holding the clipped security tag the girls had nonchalantly thrown over, exited her room as inconspicuously as possible and motioned to the attendant.  When the two girls noticed this true hysteria set in, as they were rapidly appearing guiltier, they responded by throwing the items off the nearest shelf and strutting self-righteously out of the small shop.  Rose left the store caught up in the frenzy from the commotion and called me reporting the events.

At the end of the phone call I was left wondering why the store hadn’t installed security cameras or a more reliable alarm system.  This type of mishap should not be able to happen in the New York City of 2012.  SOS Security and Locksmith NYC is a top rated, BBB accredited company serving New York’s security needs since 1973.  There are many security measures that the store could have utilized to prevent instances like the one which occurred involving Rose.

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