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Unfortunately, some of us come to expect the worst safety conditions in our learning environments. Today headlines are filled with shootings and scenarios that tantamount crisis. Truthfully, it seems that most of us merely hope that the time between such incidents is prolonged as long as possible. While these stories seemingly surface more often, or are proliferated by the media, locking technologies are advancing rapidly. By now, a majority of us have inferred that with better security comes lesser the opportunity for these circumstances to occur. Possibly the most important aspect of this conversation is geared towards our students. Protecting students in schools is undoubtedly the most important aspect that humanity may consider. So what types of security systems should be used in the academic system? We’ll break down a few things you should consider in the locks that should be used and the doors they should be installed on.





High-security locks are necessary to protect entry ways that lead to students, faculty and administration. These entry ways need to be outfitted with locks that can withstand a lot of torment. The reason why is simple. Usually intruders don’t have time to pick a lock in these scenarios. Instead brut force is initiated. For academic entryways, we recommend state-of-the-art deadbolt locks. We’ll list three we recommend here.


Medeco Logic Deadbolt


Medeco supplies some of the best high-security locks on the market. The Medeco Logic Deadbolt is one of them. The lock exceeds the ANSI Grade 1 standard for an auxiliary lock. It’s resistant to wrenching, prying, bumping and hammering attacks. It also has a one inch throw hardened steel bolt to prevent crowbar attacks. Here’s a recap of its features.


•  ANSI Grade 1

•    Controlled Access-electronically programed keys

•    Data of entry and exit, user and guest

•    Electronic rekeying

•    Advanced Medeco Software

•    Solid brass collar spins under pressure to prevent wrench attacks

•    Large thumb turn provides ease of use by physically challenged individuals.

•    Steel shroud over bolt protects against “ice pick” type attacks



Abloy Protec2 Single Cylinder Deadbolt


In 2001 the Abloy Protec system was created. Not a single documented picking attempt has been known to succeed on this lock. In 2012 they introduced the Protec2 Single Cylinder and it packs a punch. It’s the highest grade: ANSI Grade 1. The rating is based on extreme physical attack resistance. Some of the other specs are as follows. (We should mention that the user reviews are some of the best.) We’d suggest this lock to anyone.


    •       ANSI Grade 1

    •       Housed in steel body and hardened steel cylinder for maximum resistance to drilling

    •       H2X extreme 2″ hardened bolt can withstand 2 tons of force

    •       1/4” (6mm) thick steel screws to prevent angled prying

    •       Steel bolt shield against ice picks

    •       Reinforced steel strike box with 2″ anchor screws

    •       Solid rotating collar so wrenches and pliers are ineffective


Schlage Single Cylinder Deadbolt Lock


This lock is very standard in many facilities and holds up to extreme tampering, prying, bumping and ice picking conditions. Schlage has been around for 90 years. This lock is as impressive as those 90 years, and is great for academic security settings. 


•    Brass finish

•    2-3/8″ to 2-3/4″ backset

•    ANSI Grade 1

•    Biggest adjustable bolt available

•    Pick, bump and pry resistant

•    Guaranteed to fit all standard doors

•    Lifetime limited finish and mechanical warranty




For classroom doors we recommend one locking system. Why one? Because it’s completely unequalled in performance. Not only in performance, but the lock is very cost efficient. That lock would be the GL87 Arrow classroom lock:


GL87 Arrow classroom lock


The GL87 Arrow classroom lock works in a user-friendly way. The outside lever is locked or unlocked by key. A locked clutch function allows the lever to turn freely; yet, this will not retract the dead latch until the outside lever is unlocked with a key. Inside the lever is always unlocked and retracts the latch when turned. When the door is unlocked, the door remains operable from both inside and outside. Here are a few certifications it has received:


•    UL/cUL listed

•    ANSI/BHMA A156.2, Series 4000, Grade 1.

• Federal Specification FF-H-106Cu

• ANSI A117.1 Accessibility Code




High security doors are extremely important. We’ll argue far for to make this point: a lock is only as secure as the object that it’s placed on. High security doors are primary protectors. It’s important that your door meets regulations and standards for your building and setting. Briefly consider checking up on the following basics:


•    Installed Cylinder Guards

•    Strike Plates (working)

•    Non-corroded hinges

•    Re-sturdied and fortified door frames 



Schools, universities and academic settings should always outfit their buildings with the best security systems available. Time and time again we see compromises in security. We feel that prevention is within grasp. With more light shed on these locking innovations we can only hope that local and national governments bring things up to date when their re-educated on locking devices.

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Nobody understands high security systems better than Mul-T-Lock. The new MT5®+ PLATFORM is backed by significant improvements and industry leading technologies. In its fifth generation, the MT5®+ PLATFORM has revolutionized not only the lock, but the key. Since both a key and a lock are used to implement security, Mul-T-Lock outfitted each component with groundbreaking advances. In doing so, they have innovated an unprecedented locking system—by far one of the best in its class. The MT5®+ PLATFORM is proving to be great lengths ahead of most security threats. By doing so, it’s currently a locksmith’s most exemplary shelved product, and leads the way for better locking technologies in the high-security marketplace. Let’s take a look.



The Basics


The MT5®+ PLATFORM features substantial results when it comes to preventing pick, drill and bumping attacks. The The new MT5®+ PLATFORM also houses a rear cylinder pin which is engaged by an Alpha spring. Five finger pins supply you in a great numbers game— there are millions of possible combinations a non-permissible accessor could attempt and not receive entry —making the MT5®+ PLATFORM nearly impossible to get into without permission.



The Key Features:


•    Telescopic Pin Tumblers

•    Locking Bar

•    Alpha Spring

•    Double Molding Design for ultimate durability

•    Advanced Key Control


The MT5®+ PLATFORM has both a milled pattern and a telescopic pin mechanism. In combination, these features work to eliminate manipulation resistance. As far as the aesthetic and feel of the key go, it’s exceptional. The key is rather ergonomic, boasting a silky and elegant key face. Going further into security features, the MT5®+ PLATFORM comes with a magnetic strip card. Only when the card is presented to the MT5+ key duplicating machine will a key code be configured. The MT5®+ PLATFORM also supports complex master key systems allowing preferential access and exclusive keyways to your suit.



The Lock Features


•    Hardened steal inserts

•    Telescopic Pin Tumblers

•    Finger pins with locking bar


The MT5®+ PLATFORM lock is also very, very impressive. At any one time a total of three locking mechanisms are working to ensure maximum security. Top bar pins need to associate the correct key combination as it’s inverted into the cylinder. Secondly, the telescopic pin technology—which has shown wide acclaim over previous generations—must also align itself correctly. Thirdly, the mobile Alpha Spring must engage the rear pin mechanism (for an added shearline) in order to fully engage. With all these security accoutrements combined the research and development team at Mul-T-Lock has garnered significant results. The MT5®+ PLATFORM hauls in the UL 437 listing for security standards as well. That’s the best you can get. 


MT5®+ Locksmith in NYC

SOS Locksmith has been a certified Mul-T-Lock dealer in NYC since 10+ years. Located in Chelsea NYC they are the #1 provider/reseller of Mul-T-Lock in New York.  





After three decades of experience, the MT5®+ PLATFORM has made its fifth patented high-security platform really standout. Both physical and technical security risks are greatly snubbed with this product line. The platform is also available with CLIQ electromechanical technology. This and the extremely safe C5® key cutting machine for key duplication makes the MT5®+ PLATFORM something to be reckoned with. If high-security had a smile, this would be it. With open arms we welcome the new MT5®+ PLATFORM.


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