Discouraging Home Break-Ins


Regardless of where you live, home break-ins are a serious concern among anyone who owns a home. Homes are broken into more often than commercial properties, due to the perception of their vulnerabilities. A home burglary happens every 13 seconds in the United States. Even if you’re not home during the break-in, it absolutely affects your sense of safety and comfort in your home. The good news is that there’s many actions that you can undertake to help discourage any form of burglary – here’s some of them:


Project the Illusion that you’re home

It’s much easier to break into empty homes – so many burglars will only try to break into homes if they can verify that the homeowner’s away. Whether you’re at work or vacation, make sure to make it look like someone is inside your home. Install automatic locks or set locks on timers to establish the illusion of some sort of routine presence in the home – also make sure that on days you’re not home that your neighbor picks up your mail – and puts your garbage can outside on days the garbage truck comes to collect it.


Never hide spare keys

Many families hide spare keys under their doormat or a fake rock – in case someone forgets their existing key. This is never, ever a good idea. Your hiding spot isn’t that secret – many burglars are crafty and familiar with how popular and common this trend used to be – they can easily locate most hiding spots; instead, make sure to give a trusted friend or neighbor a copy of the key.


Lock all Windows and Doors

Many burglars come into homes through a side door, garage, window, or side door. Make sure that when you’re not using them that all windows in your home are locked – especially when you’re not home. If your locks don’t work properly, make sure to call Nonstop Locksmiths right away for a quick and easy repair.


Get a Deadbolt Lock

Get your Nonstop Technician to install a deadbolt on each door in your home. They are much more secure, and make it much more difficult for burglars to access your home.


Be friends with your neighbors

Your neighbors can be the best protection against break-ins – make sure to be friendly with them, and they will look over your home with the best intentions when you’re not home – and will of course call the police is they see any suspicious activity.


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Security Audits


You don’t need to be absent from your home or business for days for a burglar to be able to break in and steal your belongings. Burglars can break into steal from you and leave you with serious physical loss in a matter of minutes or hours. This is why having a professional security audit performed is incredibly important.


Security audits can be simply defined as a security check performed amateurly by a homeowner, or a professional like those at SOS, who will check all security systems, and make sure that they are working properly. Security audits are of vast importance, as they highlight the true level of security in your home, and whether or not it’s exposed to burglaries.


Security System Testing

Residential security audits take a macro view of your home security – you take on the perspective of the burglar to see if there’s any holes in the security infrastructure or loopholes that you can squeeze through. It can open your eyes as to what areas of your home are most vulnerable, like unsecured doors, broken locks, windows, or walls, or exposed and easy to access windows. This also helps test the resiliency to burglary attempts of existing security infrastructure.


Confidence and Peace of Mind

Living in a property with an untrustworthy security system isn’t fun. Whether you’re concerned about the lock system’s stability, or unprotected sliding doors on your patio, you’re going to sleep better with the assurance that everything is working correctly. Home security audits help eliminate the fear of unknown security flaws, and allows homeowners a sense of metal peace. Of course, every single aspect and area of the hme need to be covered.


Helps tell you what you need

Home security audits pay attention to every small detail in your home, and it may help you realize that there’s security items that you don’t own, or aren’t in place. You can then list these items and discuss whether you want to invest in them. Of course, CCTV cameras aren’t always necessary, but they can certainly boost your security – just as much as upgrading your existing locks to deadbolts.


Assist you with Insurance Claims

Many forms of home insurance exist today that help protect homeowners against burglary fire or other mishaps. Insurance companies have familiarized themselves with the manys cams or false claims lodged by customers – so they now require proof of loss for a pay off. By getting your home professionally security audited, it can end up as a fortunate cataloguing that you can send to any insurance firm during their investigations to verify the truth of their claim. Having a security audit is incredibly helpful, and a wise and practical choice for any homeowner concerned about burglary.


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