Finally, a solution to Key Management

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Business Owners can’t be everywhere, at the same time

Keeping track of your business can be a major effort – especially with the more employees you have. With countless separate tasks and workers flitting around through your space at regular intervals, it can be difficult to vigilantly be everywhere at the same time. With no control systems in place, the usual errors occur – including the loss of keys, which, while somewhat innocuous and potentially accidental, can pose a serious security risk. For example, when a key at your business goes missing, how do you know that an employee didn’t simply accidentally take it home or forget to return it to it’s container – or if a potential criminal got access to it, with plans to steal from your business. These concerns are valid – and part of any responsible business-owner’s self-management system.

Medeco’s patented solution to Key Management

Fortunately, Medeco has pioneered a fantastic solution to key management with their handy and functional T21 stand-alone key management system. Utilizing RFID technology, the T21 offers business owners the ability to monitor and secure designated keys and keysets, which get individually locked into place and protected with a code. The screen based audit trail can report through a USB port, and the device is sealed with 21 robust, long-life iFobs with durable security seals and LED locking receptors. The robust and compact steel housing eliminates the usual eyesores of exposed hinges and obvious access points, and the device boasts loud alarms as well as a manual override in the case of an emergency. One of the fantastic benefits of the T21 system is how seamlessly it can be integrated into your existing office system – it’s concealed robust fixing allows for secure wall fixing, and it has an incredibly simple set-up, as well as a practical and easy to learn interface. Better yet, the T21 can be operated through power mains, as well as wirelessly by battery. With simple and efficient design, it allows business owners to track and account for every key used at their business, which get individually locked into place by code.

Installing the T21

How the T21 Key Management System is Installed

The T21 is simple to install; first, simply attach the unit to the wall using the supplies included in the box. You will also need a PSU adaptor (make sure it is plugged in before putting it in the wall – then place the override key in the system. THe door will then open, allowing you to find the four fixing points – then simply hold the system to the wall with a level, making sure it is straight. Mark the four fixing points with a pen, then remove the system from the wall as you drill according to these four points. Secure the unit onto the wall, and cover the fixing points with the included plugs. Then close the door, plug the system into a nearby outlet, and turn it on – it’s that easy!


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The benefits of using a Superior Padlock

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Finding a padlock that truly stands up

When you’re searching for the right padlock for your home or business, it can be a bit overwhelming to sort through all the different brands and options. From finishes and design flourishes, to the countless guarantees made by companies trying to sell their wares, it can be difficult figuring out what to trust, and what is truly the right padlock for your security needs. It’s important in these situations to evaluate what the main aspects of your security needs are; are you trying to simply keep a door closed, or are you trying to protect expensive equipment or assets? It’s also important to remember that not all padlocks are made equal. Many brands use the same key molds from lock to lock, making it extra easy for burglars to duplicate keys or figure out quick ways to break into your property.

Superior Padlocks, for Superior Security

Fortunately, there are superior padlocks on the market that can effectively protect your assets – these padlocks are manufactured by the premiere security lock company Medeco, regarded worldwide as a leader in consumer and industrial grade locking technology. By investing in a Medeco lock, you are guaranteeing your home or business the highest level in security standards – a standard that has the benefit of allowing you the peace of mind in knowing that your property is safely secured – no matter what happens.

Medeco Protectors padlocks offer a significant difference from typical padlocks – Medeco locks are made from solid stainless steel, and built to meet the highest performance and security standards around – features you simply won’t get with the average cheaply constructed lock on the market. Medeco keys can only be duplicated by security professionals; mainstream Big Box locks might use a variation of the exact same key for all instances. Additionally, Medeco locks can resist direct attacks – with even heavy duty industrial equipment; illustrating the difference between a lock build to keep something closed, and one built to keep everyone out. To upgrade your security, find a security professional near you.


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