How Card Access Technology Works

Card Access NYC

Security is a highly valued priority in our society, especially on a national scale. On a personal level, security is pertinent against attacks and crimes such as identity theft and fraud. Access to sensitive information is limited in order to protect the livelihood of individuals and organizations. Access cards are an increasingly common way to keep unauthorized individuals from certain locations and information. Below we will discuss how card Access Technology Works.

The Physical Aspects

A security access card is more than just an identification card. There have to be certain countermeasures placed on the card in physical form, so people can distinguish a legitimate card from a false one. For example, numerical codes and watermarks are used by government companies as countermeasures that are hard to reproduce. Other companies will have a variation in the background colors and even add a replica of the cardholder’s fingerprint to the security card as a form of distinguishing physical mark.

Internal Controls

Beyond physical markings, security access cards have more measures of protection. At the basic level, access cards tend to have magnetic strips that pass through card readers that give people approval or denial to signify access. However, one of the big problems with magnetic strips is that they can easily be de-magnified. Although the information cannot be taken off the card and reproduced, loss of the information can hinder or limit a person’s access. With use of the magnetic stripe there are card readers that can understand the information on the stripe. There are several methods for reading the magnetic stripe on an access card, with the most common three being: swipe reader, insert reader, and proximity reader.

Advanced Security

At more deeper levels, you can come across microchips embedded into cards that contain special information for identification. This is mostly effective when it comes to accessing computer systems. The information on them must be completely matched with another computer’s information through a special reader, or else the person will be denied access to the system. That information can change many times on regular or irregular intervals, which makes it harder for criminals to reproduce it.

Methods of Access

Most general security access cards use a magnetic stripe but some use a different method for access. For example, one alternative that is used is the embedding of a tiny radio transmitted in the card. These security access cards can be either “active” (possessing a small battery) or “passive” (having a reliance on the radio receiver for power). When the card is taken within a certain distance of the radio receiver, usually just a few feet or even down to a few inches, the security system can confirm the signal being transmitted and provide access to the area or building of interest.

Card Access System In NYC

SOS Locksmith NYC and Advanced Security System carries a variety of card access system and FOB brands included Keri, Keyscan, ZIC Technology, Linear, and Doorking.

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Retrofit Your Locks for More Safety with Medeco³ Rim & Mortise Cylinders


If you have something worth protecting within your home, rental property, or business, you need lock cylinders that can take punishment and remain sturdy in both construction and appearance. No lock cylinder stays strong quite like Medeco³ Rim & Mortise cylinders.

This article answers all the “whats” regarding the Medeco³ Rim & Mortise line.


What Is a Rim Cylinder?

Rim cylinders couple with auxiliary rim lock systems like night latches, “jimmy-proof” vertical deadbolt locks, surface-mounted deadbolts, and panic devices. The rim cylinders Medeco³ manufactures are on UL’s 437 List for locks that resist attacks from picks and drills.

This brand of rim cylinder is available in a range of constructions to fit a variety of mechanical and electronic lock systems.


What Is a Mortise Cylinder?

When you have a door designed with a “cut-out” or recessed space for a locking system, that space is called a “mortise”. Medeco³ Mortise cylinders come in an array of durable construction options to work with many electronic locking systems as well as mechanical systems.

These mortise cylinders work with Medeco³ mortise lock cases and many other makers’ lock cases. 


What Are the Benefits of Installing Medeco³ Rim & Mortise Cylinders?

Every product made comes with the reality of a lifespan. If you have an auxiliary rim lock system or a mortise lock case that needs a sturdy new lock cylinder, Medeco³ cylinders are a secure fit!

Your lock cylinders need not be old. You can replace cheaper cylinder mechanisms and expect more safety from Medeco³ products. Medeco³ grew out of a Salem, Virginia, company established in the 1950s. Today, the company’s durable lock cylinders are still made in the U.S.A.

Every Medeco³ lock cylinder comes with a two-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects. The keys paired with each lock cylinder feature angled cuts as well as fore and aft notch positioning that allow this manufacturer one of the largest available master key systems. This means more peace-of-mind for any person with something to protect. Large master key systems make it very hard for someone else to “just happen” to have the key that fits your new lock cylinder.

Once you have switched your cylinders to Medeco³, you can count on these products to last many years. Each cylinder’s interior features solid brass construction that resists the efforts of the elements and more nefarious foes.

What Finishes Are Available?

The Medeco³ line features a range of finishes to match almost any existing lock case’s look. Here is a sampling of available finishes:

  • Bright Brass
  • Satin Brass
  • Antique Brass
  • Oil-Rubbed Bronze
  • Bright Nickel
  • Satin Nickel
  • Black
  • Dark Bronze
  • Bright Chrome
  • Satin Chrome

For safety and dependability, you need lock cores that are simply “hard to break” and hard to mistake for any other brand. That is exactly what you get from Medeco³ Rim & Mortise cylinders. Select yours today!

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