Three Features that make a Great Electronic Lock

Electronic Locks

Electronic locks are the highest form of security technology for regular consumers on the market today, providing smart solutions for offices, homes, or other areas that require a stable level of security and privacy. The way that each system works, it’s included features, and it’s ease of use are all key factors that really decide the true quality of a product. In this blog entry I’ll detail some features that you should insist on being included when you’re searching to purchase a keyless door lock of your own.

Ease of Usage

Biometric locks can seem somewhat complicated, however there’s no need for them to be tricky to operate at all! Wireless locks can be quite accommodating for every type of person, whether you’re a working professional opening up the office, or a kid coming home after school. Each device comes packaged with a detailed illustrated user’s guide to make operation as smooth as instinct. The level of simplicity of this locks’ interface doesn’t impede it’s extreme and fantastic range of functionality. Set members can have varying levels of access, 20 different remote controls, pins, and biometric signalcs can be programmed in, and customized remotely using the device’s included smartphone application.


Automatic Locking Capabilities

One of the best features of keyless door locks is that you never have to worry about locking the door behind you when you leave. Quality locks always come with automatic locking mechanisms that fully lock doors every time the door is closed. So when you rush out of your home or leave the office, the door will always lock up behind you. You can rest easy knowing that you’ll be fully secure behind a locked door when you’re at home, or at the office late. Automatic locking modes can be deactivated at any point if you have a reason to do so.


Constant Connection

The most fantastic aspect of using smart technology like digital door locks is that you can connect doors to wireless devices from a far distance, making your reach of control, and ability to customize settings more developed and wide than ever before. Well made keyless locks will be able to be seamlessly integrated into any existing smart home interfaces, and can be controlled and set remotely for deactivation or resetting (if need be) and all of it’s settings can be tailor made based to your needs. Digital door locks are simple to use, constantly connected to you through technology, and that provide the absolute best in security and privacy can reframe the way you live your life and do business.

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Locked Out Again From Apartment:


We never ask for a lockout.

OK, picture this scenario. You work long and hard during the day, and come home in the evening to change before heading to the gym. But you forget your keys in your jacket pocket, and by the time you get back, your partner or roommates are already asleep. You need to vigorously knock to get let back in the house.

On other days, you arrive home early from work hoping to get back in the house – unfortunately you left your keys at home, but you’re hoping your roommates are home so that they can let you in so you can quickly change to go out for dinner. They’re not home though, and you’re stuck waiting outside until they get there.  

Solution to lockouts.

It’s basically time to make some changes. You may have heard of electronic locks from the internet, a trade journal, or blog. You may have seen or heard an advertisement on television or in Consumer Reports. No matter how you ended up being informed about the benefits and conveniences of electronic locks, you should absolutely examine and explore the varieties and options of locks available to you as a consumer.

One of the best aspects of electronic locks is their simplicity of installation. You’re not going to have to deal with any heavy hardware or tools – zero drilling, zero wiring, and zero stress is involved. You can install the entire system on your own, without any need for professional assistance. The digital door lock will be able to recognize your choice of keypad code, or even read your fingerprint. Now you can enter and leave your house without having to worry about your forgetfulness – you will have the peace of mind in knowing that you’ll never get locked out again.

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