US Tennis Open Security

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This August’s US Open is set to take place in Flushing Meadows, Queens. While tennis fans have been anticipating the tournament for months, many of them, along with the event’s players have been put on edge as a result of recent terrorist attack rumors. There have been reports that the popular tennis tournament could possibly be the target of the infamous terrorist group Al Qaeda.

Many have criticized Inspire magazine for tipping malicious terrorist groups off as to where the best places would be to plant and explode a bomb. The New York City Police Department’s director of intelligence analysis, Rebecca Weiner, first reported that the magazine contained controversial material regarding the most efficient way to execute a terrorist attack on the tennis tournament. She recently revealed the information in a briefing for the city’s private security community. The magazine also lists Washington D.C. And Virginia as possible terrorist targets as well. Yet Weiner calmed some nerves by indicating that the NYPD does not know of any particular threats on the US Open.

Security At US Open in Flushing, NY

TimeLox has installed DC-One electronic door locks on each hospitality suite at the United States Tennis Association’s (USTA) Billie Jean King National Tennis Center (NTC) in Flushing, NY.  DC-One is a dual-card (magnetic stripe and smartcard) system that allows hotels to enjoy the unique advantages that each technology offers, while maximizing security for both the property and guests. Combining the economy and reliability of magnetic cards with the flexibility of smartcard technology, DC-One not only makes hotel staff functions easier to perform, but also decreases the overall workload.

What US Open Attendees Need to Know

Tournament goers should be aware that US Open officials take security very seriously. They take significant and extensive steps to maximize the safety of the facility, the fans and the players. Everyone who enters the tournament site through the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center entryways should show up before play actually begins as there could be some delays.

Every fan will be thoroughly screened before being allowed to pass through these entry gates. Tournament goers can only bring a single bag into the tournament stands. These bags can be searched by US Open security staff and city police officers at any time during the tournament. The bags must be smaller than 12 inches in width, 12 inches in height an 16 inches in length. The bags can’t be stored anywhere on the facility’s grounds. Fans will only be able to access a special bag storage space that is located outside of the stadium if they are willing to pay a fee.

Tournament officials recommend attending the event without a bag to expedite the entry process. There will be separate “speed line” entryways made available for fans who choose to attend the tournament without a bag.

There is a specific list of items that will not be allowed into the tournament. These include hard coolers or containers, noise making devices, alcohol, aerosol cans, backpacks, bottles, cans, anything made of glass or metal, sealed packages of any sort, video cameras or other recording devices, laptops, tablets or any other computers, food beyond very small quantities, pets, weapons, tennis racquets, laser pointers, signs, banners, flags and anything that constitutes an unapproved promotion or advertisement.

US Open security staff members are also allowed to bar fans from entering the facility with any other items that they consider to be dangerous or inappropriate. It is important to note that food required for babies or individuals with specific medical conditions will be allowed. While pets are not permitted, service animals will be allowed for disabled individuals.

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Interactive Mul-T Lock

interactive 3

Secure your home and family under lock and key

Your home contains all of your most important things- your family, your memories, and of course your belongings. You want to not only feel safe at home, but actually be safe. When homeowners think of burglars often they imagine someone sneaking in the back window at night but most burglars boldly walk in the front door in broad daylight. One of the easiest ways to rob a house is to back a moving van in and load it up, or drive up in a van marked “maid services” and leave with bags of valuables rather than bags of trash. These bold thieves rely on being able to open the front door.

The keys

Your front line of security is your door lock. If the thieves can’t get in easily they will move on to easier pickings. A security alarm is an excellent idea, but there is always a lag time between the alarm going off and guards showing up. A bold intruder could grab your valuables in just a few seconds and then bolt, leaving an empty house for the security firm to guard.

Intruders can get past your door lock by picking it, drilling it, bumping it or just getting a copy of the key. It’s surprisingly easy to get copies made of keys. For example, in the brief period of time a valet parking attendant has your keys they can be rapidly copied at the key kiosk in the mall around the corner. Ever leave your keys on the counter for a few minutes and then wonder how they got onto the floor over there? maybe someone borrowed them for a few minutes to get them copied at the hardware store next door.

Unlike common door keys, the Mult-T lock keys cannot be copied simply by presenting a key to a locksmith. Locksmiths will only copy these keys if a customer with the correct credentials presents them and the key. As an additional safeguard against “crooked” locksmiths, Mult-T lock keys can only be cut from special blanks. Only reliable professionals are allowed to purchase and use the Mult-T lock key blanks.

The lock

SO you’ve stopped the intruders from copying your keys. But what about picking the lock? A skilled professional can pick a lock almost as fast as unlocking it with the key. Mul-T-Lock Interactive locks have external and internal pins and a spring-loaded mechanism that acts almost like a combination lock. The lock only opens if the correct key is inserted. Skeleton keys won’t work, and the lock is highly resistant to being picked. The lock itself forms an almost perfect spherical shape and has steel inserts to make it even harder to drill through. The lock is highly pick, drill, and bump resistant.

Combined with a few security cameras, the Mul-T Interactive system will finally allow you to secure your valuables and know they are safely under lock and key.

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