Bike Security Tips

For all cyclists out there, bike security is an important thing to think about. Whether you have an expensive racing bike, or a simple bike for travel, you’re going to want to understand the importance of bike locks and security in order to make sure your property / means of wheeled conveyance is safe and protected. Here’s a guide to bike security tips, as prepared by the security experts here at SOS Locksmith.

Purchase a Lock

Make sure to secure your bike with a high quality bike lock made of double or triple heated hardened steel. We recommend a U-lock made of reinforced thick metal, as these have more structural integrity and are more advanced at deterring and resisting theft.

Proper Locking Technique

Make sure to lock your bike in a position that doesn’t allow strangers to get leverage to break your lock. Lock it onto immovable objects like bike racks or benches, and place the lock as low to the bottom bracket as possible. We recommend passing the lock through the spokes, wheels, and as many parts of the bike as possible.

Park in a Brightly Lit Area

Try to park your bike in a smartly positioned area that’s brightly lit. This will minimize the comfort that potential bike thieves will feel when attempting to tamper with your bike lock. Don’t park in areas, however, that are constantly surrounded by loitering people, as this is the type of crowd that can camouflage a thieves tampering.

Make your Bike look Unappealing

Don’t leave expensive accessories on your parked bike if possible. If you have a brand new bike that is known to be expensive, cover up all logos, branding, or expensive components with electrical tape, making it look more junky and thus, unappealing to a burglar.


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