What Burglars Want you to Be Unaware Of

Successful burglars make the unaware security practices of normal citizens their bread and butter – relying on people’s lack of knowledge of important security aspects in order to exploit their vulnerability, and hit targets selectively. Here’s a guide to some of the most important security facets that burglars everywhere wish you were unaware of, as prepared by the residential security and commercial security experts here at SOS Locksmith.

Burglars are Likely Familiar Faces

Many burglaries are committed by people who have already been inside your home. Workers like movers, furniture repair people, water tank personnel, delivery people, construction workers, and contractors are all known to stake out potential burglary locations on the job. Burglars often work in the service industry to allow them to more effectively case out homes. While they do their normal work on the job, they will inspect your home for any potential valuables that would be worth it for them to steal.

Window Unlocking

Always check your windows after repair people or any strangers in the service industry are in your home. Many potential burglars try to unlock windows or window gates – and yes, this includes bathroom windows – on the job to more easily allow them to access your home.

Backyards can Tempt Burglars

Having large or expensive items or equipment in your backyard – including children’s play courts or fountains – help signal to potential burglars that your home is full of valuables. If you have these items, try to keep them in the back, rather than front yard, in order to make them less visible.

Vacations are Burglary Striking Time

When you go on vacation, create the appearance that you are still at home. Have a trusted neighbor, friend, or family member pick up your newspaper or mail, and put the lights on timers to make sure your home isn’t constantly dark. If possible, have a trusted friend, family member, ro neighbor move your cars around so a potential smart burglar won’t notice that the cars have been in the same position during the duration of your time away.

Key Security

Make sure to switch up the location where you hide your spare keys – and always hide them in inconvenient areas, like under all the dirt at the bottom of a planter. Easy to access key hiding areas, like under fake rocks, don’t fool anybody, especially savvy burglars.


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