Fire Exits

In any form of commercial building including schools, apartment buildings, restaurants, and stores fire exits are required by law.  Depending on local building code, the size of the building will dictate the amount of fire exits and escapes that are necessary.

The idea of a fire door is to keep people safe.  Though not all do, in theory fire doors should lead to the outdoors.  It is also very important they swing outwards.  Fire doors automatically lock up when they are closed so during emergencies it is impossible to pull the door open.  It can only be pushed.

There are series of things to consider if you are installing fire doors in your building.  First of all, find out how many doors you are legally required to have.  It’s better to be safe than sorry and you don’t want to be cited and fined for not having enough emergency exits.

Then figure out what type you want and where you are going to install them.  You have two choices of doors, a single one or double doors.  Which one you use depends on where you are going to put them and how much space you have.  Single doors are perfect for narrower spaces while double doors are useful on the first floor of buildings because of the large influx of people who will pass through during an emergency.

Next is the handle bar.  You have to choice of a panic bar or a lever type handle bar.  Traditionally, emergency exits have panic bars, easily recognized because they are the thin silver bars you push against.  Levers are rarer, but are more convenient for single doors.

The idea of a fire door is for it to be an infallible structure during an emergency.  It is a steel door with multiple bolts.  It is meant to stand up to the heat a fire produces.  You push it open to get free and it locks shut behind you.  That way, no one can attempt to go back in.

Modern versions of the fire door have electrical impulses wired in.  They also have different modes.  If a fire alarm goes off, the alarm sends signals to the door and it reacts differently than if someone accidently opened the door.  During non-fires, it may either release a shrieking alarm or it might not open at all, secured in a deadlock.  During fire situations, it will provide free exit and re-bolt once the doors are closed.

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