Guarding your Home from Daytime Burglaries

The majority of burglaries actually occur during the day when people are at work and school; however, in most people’s mind’s eye, burglaries only happen under cover of darkness – a delusion that many burglars exploit in order to attack people’s homes when they are left unprotected. Here’s a guide from the residential locksmith experts at SOS Locksmith on how to prevent burglaries that occur during the daytime.


Switch up your Routine

The majority of thieves today like to scope and survey home and neighborhood targets in advance, spying on you from a distance and paying attention to:

  • What time you go to work

  • When you arrive home

  • Whether your neighbors are active or aware

  • When mail or packages are delivered

If your schedule allows it, we recommend switching your daily routine now and then in order to provide resistance against the potential security flaws that a regularly scheduled absence from your property may pose to you and your property.


Door and Window Locks

This is a no brainer – however, it’s so essential, we need to stress its importance. Criminals will often try to watch a home in order to see if they can quickly gain access into, and get out of the house with valuables in tow. They pay close attention to whether windows are commonly left open, if front or back doors are left unlocked – during daytimes, or nighttimes. Make sure to always keep your windows and doors locked, yes, even during the day, as it was recently estimated that nearly 35% of burglaries in the United States occurred as a criminal simply walked into a home through doors or garages rather than having to break-in.


Keep Valuables Secret

Don’t store large boxes for expensive electronic items outside your home for recycling, as it simply broadcasts that you have valuable possessions that could tempt a gutsy burglar. Make sure to fold these boxes to obscure the name or logo of the company or product. Aside from this, try to avoid placing expensive items like flat screen TVs in places where they can easily be seen through a window from outside your home, as this can essentially become window shopping for opportunistic criminals.


Home Security System Installation

We highly recommend installing a smart home security system to protect your home and property, and broadcast you having done so by placing the security vendor’s sign around your property as a deterrent. Consider installing motion sensor lighting by entrances of your home to eliminate the chance of a thief utilizing cover of darkness, and install a security camera surveillance system outside your hom


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