Installation of Iron Work To Make Your Home Safer

Part of security is about perception, both from the outside and the inside.  For example, having a security guard in front of a building brings a sense of safety for the tenants and also causes criminals to rethink breaking in.  However, it’s not appropriate to have a security guard everywhere, especially in New York City, so consider having some iron work installed as an alternate form of security.

Iron gates can be placed in a number of areas, fortifying your home’s most vulnerable areas.  One in front of the door creates an extra layer for any possible delinquents to struggle through.  For the windows, you can cover the entire area or have a partial window gate to discourage the possibility of breaking and entering.  Even if they manage to shatter the window, they will be hard pressed to squeeze between the bars.  You can even get one installed over your AC to deter thieves.

Not only do these gates help make your home more secure, they are often available as custom jobs.  So if you are hesitating on the idea because you keep picturing a clumsy, jail-bar like contraption locking you into your own home, don’t be! They can be as simple as slender black bars or as elegant as the gates of Versailles with curling patterns and gold leaf accents.  It is all up to your own taste and wallet.

Why stop there?  Get your fire escape redone as well.  Look outside and your fire escape is probably rusted and rattling, threatening the possibility of tetanus.  Even if it’s not, consider the prospect of replacing it.  At S.O.S. Locksmith Corp., all of our fire escape gates are approved by the NYC Fire Department.  If an emergency does occur, that is your central escape route and you want the guarantee of safety.  You may think that the possibility of using it is slim, but in that moment of crisis, do you really want to worry about whether the corroded ladder can hold your weight? Installation of Iron Work To Make Your Home Safer or business safes in NYC

At S.O.S Locksmith Corp., we sell and install ironwork such as:

  • Front Door Gates
  • Back Door Gates
  • Window Gates
  • Partial Window Gates
  • AC Gates
  • Entrance Gates
  • Fire Escapes
  • Stair Rails
  • Tree Guards
  • All which can be custom designed

We have been in the business for over 30 years and we understand that everyone’s needs are different.  We are willing to work with you to make you feel as safe as possible.  Don’t underestimate the use of iron work as a form of additional security.  It has the potential of being a protective measure without looking like one.  Just because something is supposed to make you feel safe does not mean it cannot be aesthetically pleasing as well.



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