Intercom installation NYC – Getting a Clear and Fair Quote

Intercom systems in buildings have become much more sophisticated since the 1970’s when Carlton, the flat-voiced doorman, used to announce visitors on the show, “Rhoda”.  Now, buildings not only have more security features than ever, but NYC buildings with doormen have become astronomically more expensive.  But no matter what kind of building you will need to secure, you will need the help of an intercom installation business located in NYC.  Before you hire a company, it is necessary to ensure that you get a fair and clear quote.

To get a fair, clear and reliable quote for your intercom installation in NYC, first, decide what type of intercom system you will need.  Do you want a simple two-way communication system for a small building?  Or do you need to have a sophisticated system installed instead for a large building or multiple buildings?  Keep in mind that the kind of company you hire should also depend on the level of work you need.  A small intercom installation business in the NYC area may not have the range of intercoms or the capacity to manage a large, sophisticated installation job.  You may also end up being billed extra for their mistakes.


By the time you contact an intercom installation company in NYC, you should have an idea of the type of system you desire.  Give the company as much details as possible about your needs. This will help them to determine the amount of work and time that will be required to perform the installation.  Get a quote in writing.  You should also find out how long a period their warranty will cover.  A professional intercom installation company within NYC should be willing to provide clear quotes that do not change significantly, unless the customer’s needs change.


At SOS Locksmith NYC, our quotes are competitive, fair and transparent.  During our thirty years of business, we have gained an excellent record with the BBB, as well as with multiple trade associations and consumer affairs.  SOS performs lock, alarm, closed-circuit television, ironwork, and access control installations.  Our alarm and intercom specialists can provide top-notch intercom installation services to NYC customers.  They are also Siedle-certified and factory-trained, and have in-depth knowledge of a wide range of intercom manufacturers and products.  In 2005, we became the top Siedle dealer in New York.  Call us today and we will give you a free quote for your intercom installation job in NYC.

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