Let’s Look At Some Ironwork!



The great thing about ironwork is that not only does it provide you with an extra layer of protection, but it can also be aesthetically pleasing.  Your ironwork does not have to be like any one else’s.  You can have it designed and customized to your tastes and preferences.  Whether you prefer a minimalist approach or an an elaborate portrait, it can be done in ironwork.  Let’s look at some interesting designs.

1.  Let’s start with doors.  This is an overall simplistic design.  There is nothing overly detailed of busy.  Just a few criss-crosses and a few swirls.  It doesn’t call much attention, but it is still pleasing to the eye.


2.  This door is a much more dramatic statement.  While the ironwork on the door is simple, the accents are bold.  The leaves swirling around each other are eye-catching and busy.  You’ll spend a good few minutes staring at this product of ironwork admiring its intricacies.


3.  This gate is a mixture of the first two.  Inspired by Egyptian designs, it is simple in its intricacy.  There are no looping vines or odd patterns.  Instead, it takes geometric shapes and sets them together in a motif that is distinctly exotic.


4.  This railing is simple, yet elegant.  It finds a balance between the two and is minimalist enough to not bother the eye.  It both resembles spring trees bending in the wind and the antlers of a stag.  It is definitely a design that is in touch with nature.


5.  This gate is based off of circles.  The continual loops of curlicues catches our attention and refuses to let us go.  Definitely busy, it somehow manages not to overwhelm us, instead, allowing us to trace the circles over and over.


6.  This iron work gate is grand and imposing, perfect at the end of the drive way.  The design itself is elegant and regal with the fleur-de-lis in the middle.  It would be a great choice if you ever get lucky enough to buy a mansion.


7.  A fan of wine or own a vineyard?  Then this grape patterned gate might be your taste.  It is intricately detailed so that every last grape can be seen.  It’s a bit distracting, but perfect if you are trying to match a theme.


8.  This railing is definitely unique.  Often times designs for rails are straight.  This one accents its curves making it something fun to look at.  It makes a statement.


9.  This railing is perfect to guard all your secrets.  It’s a very detailed design that is almost reminiscent of some sort of official seal.


10.  One of the simplest designs yet.  This piece of ironwork does not make a bold statement.  However, it blends in perfectly in the home, allowing the entirety of the interior to become a cohesive unit.

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