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If you are one of more than 8 million residents of the beautiful and vibrant New York City, you would understand the importance of a good lock for your home, office, business, or safe. You would also appreciate the fact that anyone can misplace a key. A locksmith is your savior at that hour of crises. In today’s era of the smart phones and tablets, you just need to type locksmith NYC in a search engine to get the list all the popular companies serving the area. SOS Locksmith and Advanced Security Company has been providing 24 hour service to the region for the past 30 years. They have the experience of opening any type of lock.

Ever since man started gathering possessions and property, he has been concerned about their safety. The early Egyptians, Greeks and Romans used locks to protect their valuables from thieves. Wooden locks were excavated from the 4000 year old Mesopotamian civilization as well. The oldest key-lock combinations were known as pin locks. These devices consisted of a wooden cylinder with a hole through its axis for the keys. The modern pin tumbler locks use several pins of varying length that prevent the lock from opening without the correct key. They were invented by Linus Yale, Sr. in 1848. His son developed the smaller flat key with serrated edges and locks with pins of varying lengths in 1861. Most modern locks still use this basic mechanism. The technicians at SOS Locksmith NYC are well-trained and aware of these internal mechanisms.
There are several types of locks in the market today including warded locks, wafer tumbler locks, lever locks and disc tumbler locks. Other locks are more specific such as the bicycle locks child safety locks and the cylinder locks. Locks also depend on the type of door. You cannot have the same lock for your hinged door, folding door, sliding door and rotating door. Most modern locks are made of hard metal such as steel. It is virtually impossible to break them unless you have specialized tools and training. Professional companies such as SOS Locksmith NYC have the right knowledge to open your lock without damaging your door.
Apart from a 24-hour emergency locksmith service, SOS Locksmith NYC also carries a wide variety of high security locks, safes and locking devices, and can install them for you as well. They are located in the heart of the New York’s Chelsea district. They also have the expertise of handling ironwork, intercom, closed-circuit televisions, access controls and other devices, which would help you meet the security challenges of the modern times

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