Locksmith NYC – Making Your Home More Secure

A locksmith in NYC will probably hear many stories from people who have called to have their locks changed after being burglarized.  The locksmith will see the fear on their faces as they talk about the incident.  He or she will try to answer their questions as they ask how to prevent this from ever happening again – how to go back to feeling safe in their homes.  The truth is, it is difficult to stop thieves from at least trying to get into your home.  However, you don’t have to be an easy target.  You can begin by finding a locksmith around your NYC neighborhood to help you.  But there are additional steps you can take to make your home more secure:


  • Get a professional locksmith in NYC to install good, secure locks on your doors.
  • Keep windows locked, especially those on the ground floor.
  • Do not leave empty boxes from your new electronics or other expensive items outside your home, since they can attract thieves.
  • Leave the front door light on if your house will be empty during the night, and also leave a light on in the back.
  • Do not hide an extra key under doormats or in other obvious places.
  • Hire a reputable locksmith in NYC to install a security system in your home.
  • Set up outdoor nightlights around your home, especially near shrubbery, bushes and other hiding places.


Even if you live in an apartment, there are things you can do to make your residence less attractive to potential burglars.  One tip is to keep windows locked, especially those by fire escapes, on lower floors, or facing the back of the building. Some people like to leave their television or stereo playing while they’re not home.  Most thieves do not want to enter a dwelling if they believe the residents are there.  You can also have a locksmith visit your NYC residence to install extra locks on the front door.  Remember, there are no neighborhoods that are completely immune from robberies.  Just ask any locksmith in NYC.

At SOS Locksmith NYC, we are dedicated to providing first-rate locksmith, intercom and safe sales and services to customers in New York City.  We also offer alarm, closed-circuit television, ironwork and access control installations. During our thirty years of business, we have gained an excellent record with the BBB, as well as with multiple trade associations and consumer affairs.  At SOS Locksmith NYC, we provide all major locksets brands, such as Multilock and Medeco, and a wide range of architectural hardware such as Omnia, Emtek and Baldwin.  Our professional service personnel are comprised of fully licensed and highly qualified locksmiths and door service technicians.  We are available 24/7 to meet your locksmith and security needs.  Call us today to get a free estimate.

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