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New York City is arguably the most dynamic and vibrant city in the United States. The 8.1 million people in the city keep the NYC locksmiths busy with constant demand for opening locks with lost keys and installing new locks. Many professional companies such as the SOS Locksmith Services provide additional services to meet the safety needs of the modern world. These include safe maintenance and installation, intercom system installation, and access control systems. They have the experience of working with several brands and types of products, and can advise you about various products and services.

Most NYC locksmiths have the ability to open and install a variety of locks such as knob locks, deadbolts, liver handle locks, cam locks and mortise locks. The locks require a variety of specialized tools such as lock picks to defeat the security system of the lock. Historically, locksmiths also used tools such as hammer and screws to create locks. It took hours to make one new lock. Today, locks are manufactured in big factories using mechanical machines and devices. These machines can produce hundreds of precision locks and their keys. Modern locksmiths should, however, keep up with increasing technology and new security devices that are introduced into the market each day.
Lock picking is the manipulation of a lock’s components to open the lock without a key. The picking techniques vary, depending on the type of lock you have. The locksmith will apply pressure on the plug of the lock, insert a pick into the keyhole and begin moving the pins of the lock. They hear a slight click when each pin falls into place. Once all the pins are pushed up, the plug rotates, and the locksmith opens the lock. Although the technique looks simple, professional locksmiths have to learn the right pressure for the plug and the exact sound to look for. They also develop a sense of touch or feel, and should have the ability to visualize the internal structure of the lock. Many NYC locksmiths use this technique to open your locks.
If you are looking for a NYC locksmith, you should talk to SOS Locksmith Services before making your final decision. This Chelsea-based company provides 24 hour emergency service to New York City residents. They have been in business for the past 30 years, and have received excellent reviews from their customers. The trained customer service representatives can also answer your questions over the phone.

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