Power Outage Security Tips

Summertime is a season of tons of extreme thunderstoms, many of which can knock out power grids and cause blackouts. Power outages in average last under 25 minutes, but sometimes this is enough time for a burglar to take solid advantage of the blackout to steal from your home. Here’s some tips prepared by the experts at SOS Locksmith to help you figure out how to stay safe in a home security framework during a power outage.

Backing Up Security Systems

Make sure that your home security systems have backup batteries. This will allow the systems to continue successfully functioning even in the event of a loss of electrical power. Once power gets restored to your home, the backup battery gets recharged. Due to the frequency of power outages in the Summer, once the backup battery starts being used, the likelihood is that it will eventually need to be replaced. The majority of backup batteries will beep in order to notify you of depleting levels of energy, in which case it’s a simple matter of contacting your home security company for a replacement. Extreme weather patterns can also knock out phone service, so make sure that your system can also broadcast break ins to the authorities using cellular, internet, or radio based communications services, rather than fully relying on a landline connection.

Home monitoring

Make sure to invest in an alarm company with monitoring that you can truly count on. It also would definitely help to place up a sign that advertises the presence of an alarm system that can act as a deterrent towards burglars. Yard signs can put burglars on red alert, and they will likely assume you have a backup system even during power outages. If you don’t already have a sign advertising your home monitoring system, simply contact your security company and they will provide you with one.

Be aware of how you power your home

During long term power outages, many homeowner improvise methods to power or even heat their homes. This can be  incredibly dangerous. Be incredibly careful – and actually, honestly, avoid using generators grills or stoves indoors, as they carry massive risks for fire damage and carbon monoxide poisoning, Make sure to have a monitored fire alarm system in your home to help protect your family when you’re away.

Keep Vigilantly Prepared

Power outages can occur with zero warning, so it helps to be prepared. When an outage just happens, it’s priceless to already know that you have a protective system in place. Regularly test your detectors and alarms, and keep fresh batteries and flashlights in a stable, easy to access place. If you’re expecting major weather events and have security concerns, or simply want to make your home security stronger on an everyday level, drop the experts at SOS a call.


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