Safes Installation NYC – What to Keep in a Home Safe

Many New Yorkers believe they will never need to have a safe installed in their home. They have come to assume that safes are only for protecting large sums of money, papers related to money, guns, or very expensive heirloom jewelry.  Their argument goes, why should I buy a safe when I have nothing to keep…safe?  This is a common mis-perception, because there are many practical reasons for seeking out a company that provides safes installation in NYC residences.  Safes are not only meant to protect valuable items, but they are also a great place to keep any item that would be difficult or even costly to replace.

For people who may be thinking about purchasing safes for installation in their NYC homes, below is a list of common items that are often kept in safes:

  • legal documents such as birth and marriage certificates, passports and wills
  • jewelry with sentimental value
  • original contracts
  • insurance papers
  • photos of valuable items in your home
  • cameras
  • medical records
  • keys to safety deposit boxes and other locked chests, drawers and boxes
  • list of user names and passwords for online bank and other accounts
  • irreplaceable collectibles
  • narcotic medicines (if children are in the house, this is an especially good reason to consider safes for installation in your NYC home)


Also consider fireproof safes for installation in your NYC residence.  In the event of a fire, this would save you from the financial burden of having to replace legal documents.  Besides robbery, this is also one of the most important reasons why people seek out safe installation companies in NYC.

SOS Locksmith NYC has been providing professional safes installation services in NYC for more than 30 years.   We offer a wide range of safes, including fire, data, gun, and high security safes.  At SOS Locksmith NYC, we also offer alarm, closed-circuit television, ironwork, lock and access control installations.  During our thirty years of service, we have gained an excellent record with the BBB, as well as with multiple trade associations and consumer affairs.  Our professional service personnel are comprised of fully licensed and highly qualified safe technicians, locksmiths and door service technicians.  We are available 24 hours/day to meet your needs.  When you’re ready to find a company that provides a variety of safes for installation in NYC homes, give us a call to get your free estimate.

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