Security Tips For Single Moms in NYC

Being a single mom is hard, especially in a place as dangerous as NYC.  Not only do you have the responsibility to raise a child or multiple children by yourself, but you also have to make sure your home is safe.  As a woman, this can be hard considering how we are raised to perceive ourselves as weaker.

Still, it is possible to achieve peace of mind at night as a single mother.  Home security systems were created to protect people in their own homes and they are definitely something to consider as a single parent.  Here are some security tips for single moms in NYC.

  1. Get a guard dog.  Dogs are great for the home.  With their sensitive hearing, they will be able to sense any abnormalities in the night.  And as dogs are fiercely loyal, any intruders will not be able to escape their sharp teeth.  Dogs are also great companions for children.  Not only do they provide company, but they also teach children about responsibility and about taking care of something other than themselves.
  2. Fencing is a great way to make your home look and feel safer.  Depending on your fence, it can be an extra barrier an intruder would need to pass in order to break into your home.  Those few seconds can be the world if the situation ever arises.  It will also give you a sense of security when you let your child go out to play.  The fence serves as a wall between them and any possible danger.
  3. Security alarms are a great investment.  With technology these days, security companies and law enforcement are notified almost immediately if someone breaks is.  Not only will it make any potential intruders wary, but it will also give you the peace of mind knowing that if anything does happen, the police will be on their way.
  4. Lit rooms give the illusion that someone is in.  It also makes it harder for intruders to sneak around.  That is why business building and public places like libraries keep their lights on.
  5. Checking the doors and windows are very important.  Old locks are faulty and easy to break so make sure all the locks in your home work properly.  Also make sure they windows and doors are locked every night.  It is easy to forget, but unlocked entrances also makes it easier for intruders to break in.
  6. Consider getting CCTVs installed.  That way, you can always keep track of who is coming and going and who is on your property.  Not to mention, the security camera is a great deterrent by itself. After all, if you know you’re being watched, you’d think twice about breaking in.

SOS Locksmith is the right place for single parents in NYC. We offer a wide selection of choices to make your home feel safe.  From intercoms to alarm systems to gates, we can help you build up your line of defense.  If you are a single mom in NYC,  call us today and get 10% off!

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