Types of Home Security Systems

There’s a wide variety of home security systems currently on the market. Choosing between them to find which one is best for your home can be very daunting. Installing a security system at your home ensures the protection of your family and property – making them an absolute must; however it’s always best to utilize the absolute ideal security system for the needs of you and your family.


Monitored Security System


These alarm systems are commonly used throughout the world, and carry their own list of pros and cons. The system, when triggered, will alert a call center which will then contact your local police. Since this system works through your outside telephone lines, your burglar could potentially disrupt it by locating and cutting your phone lines. Even when tripped the system would be unable to notify the call center, so the police would never be called. One potential for a substitute for a monitored alarm is the use of a cell phone or radio instead of a landline alarm. The other potential drawback to these kinds of alarms is that even when the alarm is set off, it will take some time for the police to arrive – meaning by the time they do get there, the burglar will have had plenty of time to grab valuables and get out of there. Even with these drawbacks, these kinds of alarm systems are some of the most expensive on the market.


Non Monitored Alarm Systems


This other type of alarm system sets of an incredibly loud siren both inside and outside the house when the alarm is tripped. This sort of system relies on healthy contact with your neighbors, so that they will know to call the police when the alarm goes off and you’re not home. One of the best aspects of these systems is the fact that they don’t have monthly fees, meaning that it’s much more affordable than monitored systems. These systems can also be installed with bright flashing lights so people can be more clear on what house the alarm is sounding from. Usually, loud sirens will be enough to make any burglar leave immediately, as there will immediately be a ton of attention focused to the house. Of course, one disadvantage is that you will have to rely on your neighbors vigilance in hearing the alarms and calling the police; if your neighbors are often away, or aren’t likely to hear or call the police, these alarms could potentially not do that much for your home security – especially if you don’t have neighbors and live in the middle of nowhere.


Wireless Alarms


These systems can often be found at regular, local hardware stores. There’s both advantages and disadvantages to these kinds of security systems. One of the chief advantages is that they are quite simple to install and carry no monthly monitoring fees – you can simply decide whatever settings that you prefer; there’s many options including cameras, beams, sensors, or motion detectors. Some of the drawbacks to these systems is the space limit between sensors and cameras, and the need to replace batteries quite often – which can eventually become pretty pricy.


Electric Current Based Alarm Systems


Just like the rest of the types of alarm systems, electric current based home alarms carry their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. These alarms are usually installed in homes during their construction, so they can mostly be found in newer homes. It monitors doors and windows and sounds a beeping noise when they are opened. This is a fantastic feature for both preventing burglaries, but also ensuring that your children aren’t opening doors and windows of your home. Some of the disadvantages of this type of system is that electrical current flows from outside can disrupt your alarm signal and render it incapable of working – for example, lightning can affect these systems and render them inoperational for a period of time.




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