Types of Door Locks and Door Knobs

For the customary door lock, there are only two types of door locks and door knobs.  From these two types, different security measures are added, making them more difficult to break.  However, the truth still remains that they can only be separated into two categories: cylindrical locks and mortise locks.

Cylindrical locks are, as they sound, round.  They fit into a circular hole in the door.  These locks are your average doorknob types of lock.  All you need is a key.  The latch of a cylindrical lock is only 2 to 3 inches long.

The second type of lock, the mortise lock, is better known as a deadbolt lock.  This lock is installed within the door.  These types of locks do not have doorknobs attached.  Instead, they have latches that are usually 4 inches if not more.  They are simple to operate, usually a key on one side and a lever on the other.

Sometimes, these two locks are sold together as an entrance handle set.    These can be recognizable by the long plate with the both locks attached.  Usually the deadbolt is situated above the doorknob.  The two locks can be installed only a few inches apart or more depending on your preferences.  In fact, you can even install more if you so choose to.

Trim options are mostly for aesthetic purposes.  There are various different options you can look into to make your door locks match your house better.  For the metal, there’s the traditional silver color and gold color.  However, you can occasionally find unique tones like burnished copper or bronze, etc..  For the face plate, they usually either round or some sort of square shape.  These can be engraved or etched with elegant patterns.  Depending on the image of your home, you can go for something with Victorian influence with curling leaves around the edges, or something simple and minimal.

The knob itself can is also an option to change.  You can have the traditional knob-like doorknob, but add a unique twist.  This circular option usually comes with some variation in its shape.  It can be more box-like or oval shaped.  Some are even made of glass and cut with facets like jewels.  You can have normal metal ones as well and have them engraved with detailed patterns.  If you are willing to spend the money, you can get customized glass doorknobs that are designed to your liking.  This means knobs that look like globes for the world explorer or ones that shimmer with stars for the astronomer.

If you want a door handle rather than a doorknob, there are fewer options.  However, there are still selections for you to have a unique look.  They can be straight or curved.  The most popular artistic design to door handles seems to be leaves twining to make up the lever part.

There may only be two types of door locks, but that does not mean there all locks have to look the same.  Just because you want to be secure does not mean you have to trade off aesthetic pleasure.  Do a little research and look up some designs.  In the world we live in today, anything is possible.

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