Warm Weather Vehicle Security Tips

As the mercury on the dial increases, so does the likelihood of vehicle break-ins. The weather gets warmer, people start leaving their windows open, and thieves can spot their valuables from the street. A cracked window can be seen as an invitation to a thief, and they will often stop at nothing to take items that they spot and desire. Being the victim of these sort of crimes can be seen as frustrating not only because of the trauma and loss involved, but because you know in retrospect that you could have prevented it. This spring and summer, don’t leave yourself vulnerable because of the warm weather. Follow these steps to avoid becoming a victim of vehicle theft:

  • Put all objects, even one’s that aren’t valuable, in a locked glove box or inside the trunk. Don’t leave them out on the seat, even in a locked car, as a temptation.

  • Don’t leave out lighters, gas cans, or any heat sensitive items out in the sun, where they could explode and compromise your vehicle’s security, much less harm it’s interior.

  • Make sure your windows are tinted – not only does it help mitigate the heat, it also makes your car much harder to see into at night.

  • Look in the rear seat of your car for any people before you get inside it.

  • Don’t ever leave your keys inside the vehicle, or even hidden under the seat or mat.

  • When leaving the car, check the back seat for any items a criminal might want – put these in the trunk.

  • When parking at night, make sure to park under a light where your vehicle will be more secure.

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