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It seems the more technology advances, the closer we are for to making things we consider movie magic into reality.  I mean, we are still a few years (decades) away from the flying car from Back To the Future (unfortunately), but each new moment of progress means we’re one step closer! (We have car boats already.  Air is obviously our next step).

Let’s take a look at what’s new in the lock industry.  Not yet on the market, but reasonably priced considering the cost of technology nowadays, the August Smart Lock is a lazy man’s dream (as is most technology truthfully).

So what is it?

Well, consider how everything is on your smartphone nowadays.  You can check the weather, check the stocks, Skype, Facebook, tweet, etc., etc., etc.  Really, who even uses their phone to call nowadays?  You can even turn your phone into a universal remote!  Imagine that, changing the channel of your TV by phone.

Using this line of thought, August Smart Lock has been created for your door.  With this new technology, you no longer need keys.  Instead, you just need your phone in your pocket.  You don’t even need to take it out!  The sensor on the door automatically senses the code from your phone and unlocks itself.

To make things even cooler, the code can be shared!  If you have a friend coming over in the afternoon, you can send him or her the code which will only work between the times you specify.  That way, if you are in the middle of something important like making dinner or painting a grand masterpiece or trying to make an clay ashtray, you won’t have to stop to answer the door.  You friend will just let him or herself in.

This automatic unlock feature can be turned on and off upon your digression.  The great thing about this lock is that it doesn’t depend on wifi or electricity.  Instead, it is opened through Bluetooth.  That way, there are no worries if there’s a blackout in the neighborhood.  The lock itself runs on batteries.

If your phone dies, there’s no problem either!  Because the lock still looks as it did originally, you can still sue a traditional key.  If you happened to misplace the key, you can always borrow your friend’s phone, download the app, login, and unlock your door.  Seems a bit much, but let’s be honest.  That’s like 2 minutes at most.

The great thing about the August Smart Lock is that you don’t have to worry about unauthorized key replication.  There are no key molds lying around.  Instead, you can use your app to track exactly who has access to your house and revoke it when you feel the need to.  There is even a log so you can see who has left and entered your premises.

The August Smart Lock is set to be released later this year.  Currently, it is available for pre-order at $199.  So if you’re a tech geek and like fiddling with the latest stuff or always wished you could live in a smart house, check the website.  The design of the lock is sleek and stylish and purposely unobtrusive.  It also makes life easier.  You don’t have to be fiddling with your keys trying to find the right one at two in the morning.  It’s a pretty cool new invention if I do say so myself.


Credit to: http://techcrunch.com/

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