Expert Tips for Preventing Home Burglary from an Expert NYC Residential Security Locksmith

Burglars have a large range of different tips and tactics that they utilize in order to get inside other people’s property. If you understand which ways burglars attempt to enter your home or business, you can be prepared, and set advance measures to defeat these illegal entry attempts. Here’s a brief guide by the home security experts at SOS Locksmith on how to combat burglar attempt to get inside your property.

Expert Anti-Burgalry Tips

  • Make the effort to purchase a high security door lock and high security padlock. This allows you to build up your security tactics, focusing on door locks as a main reinforcement. Grade 1 deadbolts are advised, as well as locks that can resist and withstand attempts including lock bumping, lock picking, lock snapping, and lock drilling. If you don’t want to buy brand new locks, consider retrofitting old locks with new security features.

  • Make sure that all your windows inside your home and business are secure, even ones that you assume won’t be possible egress or entry points. Ensure that you don’t cause these windows to become emergency exit hazards. We recommend using security film that will make it harder for burglars to smash in your windows from outside. Additionally consider planting thorny bushes underneath windows as a structural deterrent for potential burglars.

  • We recommend buying surveillance cameras in order to reduce the likelihood of burglars even considering attempting entry into your property. If you have security cameras installed in conspicuous locations in your property, they will act as a deterrent for even initial stakeouts, and additionally, you can monitor if there’s a stakeout going on to begin with.

  • Make sure that you’re aware of how much information about your home or business that you give to strangers. If you have children, make sure they don’t accidentally share information with strangers that can make your property vulnerable. Only open the door or give information to people over the phone if you can verify their proper information, and tell your children never to tell people that they are home by themselves.

  • Additionally, never share information about property on social media that strangers – or anyone besides trusted people you already know can see. Today, burglars are utilizing social media in order to find out more information about potential targets.

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