Making Windows More Secure

Burglar proofing windows is a combination of a few different protective actions. Windows are considered vulnerable potential burglary access points. In this blog post, the residential and commercial security experts at SOS Locksmith will go into detail regarding many of the different ways that you can make windows more secure.

Lock Installation

First, install window security locks. Most windows simple use latches that keep them closed, tools that only work for this purpose, and not for keeping burglars out. There’s a few different types of window locks that you can use, including: ventilation locks, locking pins, keyed locks, and hinge wedge locks. DIY options are also a possibility, using screws, panels, or bolts to make movement from your window harder – for example, blocking window tracks so burglars can’t open the window from outside, but you still can from inside – this measure can be accomplished with sliding windows by putting a beam or panel inside the window tracks to stop them from being able to get forced open.

With single hung windows, simply drill a hole through the window tracks at the right height. Then, put a nail or bolt in the hole. The hole should be set above the lower part of the window to block it’s opening motion.


Bars on the interior or exterior of your window prevent burglars from being able to enter through there. They limit how easily a burglar can access your window, and also reduce their ability to see inside your home, preventing the potential of tempting glimpses. Window security bars are available in a huge range of sizes and shapes, and they are made of a ton of durable and solid materials. Security bars can technically be overcome by dedicated burglars with the right tools, but when they are strong, the amount of force it will take to get through them is so indiscreet it’s rarely even used by burglars who are trying to sneak by.

Security Film Reinforcement

Burglars often break windows in order to enter homes. Glass windows can be reinforced through glass security film placed on the interior. It makes windows tamper resistant and shatterproof, so if there’s a crack from the outside, the glass will still be held in place. Security film is available in tons of different densities and sizes based on your specific window size and type.

Plexiglass Paning

If you choose to replace glass windows with plexiglass – a composite material made up of petroleum and acrylic based materials (aka acrylic glass,) – you will be given a heavy product that is inherently shatter resistant, and much harder to even make a single crack in – especially when it’s reinforced with an additional security layer of security film.

Window Alarms

Attach motion sensor alarms on your window that can sense when unauthorized opening of the window is detected. These alarms can be stand alone, attached to the rest of your burglar alarm system, or as part of a package security monitoring system. They are even available in Smart versions that notify you on your smartphone and potentially allow for live remote control – as well as versions attached to CCTV monitoring systems. You want to place alarms along window frames in order to help them best detect unauthorized access attempts.Conspicuously placed alarm systems also function as a great deterrent to discourage burglary attempts in the very first place.

Tinted Glass and/or Shades

Use window shades/shutters or tinted glass that can help prevent outsiders from being able to see inside your house. Shades and shutters can be controlled by homeowners depending on their light preferences, and some tinted glass windows are made of one way film, which allows you to clearly see outside, but doesn’t let anybody outside see into your home. These small security layers may seem less strong than the others mentioned before, but a combination of many active and passive security layers is the best way to make your property truly secure.


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