Sanitary Hands-Free Entry / Exit Devices in the Age of Coronavirus

Hands-free exit devices are fantastic options for commercial properties, especially in these days of Coronavirus, where many people wish to go about their lives vastly limiting the n surfaces that they touch. In this blog entry, the professional door hardware installation team here at SOS Locksmith will detail some fantastic options for hands-free entry / exit devices that we can gladly install at your property.

Arm or Foot Pulls and Push Plates

You can limit any exposure between staff or customers by installing devices like arm or foot pulls; these devices can help prevent any individual from needing to put their hands on the door, instead using their elbow or foot. Push plates allow people to use their elbow or backside to open up doors, all without the need to use their hands. Hands are a common vector of viral spread, as all they need to do is come into contact with germs from coughing or sneezing and then touch a door handle in order to spread the germs to other unwitting people. By installing hands-free exit devices like arm or foot pulls or push plates, you can help prevent the spread of disease, including COVID-19.

Automatic Door Entry Systems

These are especially useful for businesses with big amounts of traffic. Not only door doors that require hand operation spread germs, but old fashioned or obsolete doorway access systems can cause practical and workflow issues – potentially leading to bottlenecks as people crowd to get through the doors. Automatic door entry systems can handle both of these issues by efficiently sliding or swinging open when a human is detected by a motion or visual sensor, preventing the need for any physical touch while also making the body flow in your property more smooth and efficient.


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