Scenarios in which you NEED to call a locksmith

Many people aren’t exactly hopping to get a locksmith on the phone, even when their locks are acting up, as it’s a general fact that people get much gratification from solving their at-home lock issues by themselves. However, here’s a guide to the top 5 times you DEFINITELY SHOULD call a locksmith, as prepared by the lock repair experts here at SOS Locksmith.


You lost your keys

This is the most common reason that people request locksmith services. Any delay in replacing your keys opens up a window of opportunity for having your possessions stolen by criminals and/or burgers.



If you’re locked out of your house, contact a professional locksmiths for faster solutions You don’t want to be stranded outside of your home, especially in the middle of the night or in nasty weather- and contacting a professional locksmith will lead to a much faster solution than trying to pick your lock yourself.


Changing Locks

Whether you have just moved into a new home, have experienced an unfortunate burglary, or have a roommate who moved out who maybe have given out many spare keys, you are going to want to change your locks to provide you with stronger security and peace of mind.


Broken Keys

If your keys have bent or break it might make it impossible to enter your home, or to lock your doors. This simply cannot be abided – make sure to have an emergency locksmith provide you with brand new keys, and test them to make sure they work properly. Our locksmith team can also remove broken key pieces from locks, restoring the lock to good-as-new quality.


Lock Damage

With constant use, locks often wear out over time. However, you ABSOLUTELY need functioning locks in order to protect your property and family from criminals – so if you’ve incurred any lock damage, make sure to reach out to the experts here at SOS Locksmith as soon as possible.


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