Summer Vacation Security

Making sure that your property is protected while you are away on your Summer Vacation is one of the ESSENTIAL components of planning (and being able to enjoy) your vacation in the first place. Here’s a guide to the most important aspects of home security that you can enforce during your Summer Vacation, so that you can make sure your property is protected – as prepared by the residential locksmith experts here at SOS Locksmith.


Make Sure All Doors are Locked

Make sure to lock all your doors to your home before you leave. Turn your home alarm on. Lock interior areas where you keep important documents. Leave a spare key with a neighbor and inform them of your vacation.


Make your Home Look Occupied

  • Leave a car in the driveway.

  •  Display a sign for an active alarm system.

  •  Put your home lights on timers that will turn them on and off sporadically. 

  • Ask the local police to periodically check on your home.

Keep Discreet Online

Don’t publish information about your trip on social media – especially if your social media is available to public viewing by strangers. If you want to publish pictures of your trip, make sure your privacy settings are turned on to the highest degree.


Additional Summer Vacation Home Security Tips

  • Temporarily cancel newspaper deliveries.

  • If you don’t want to do this, ask a neighbor to pick up and hold your mail or newspapers.

  • Make sure a neighbor can push your trash cans to your usual place, and not on the curb where they are picked up.

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