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People do a lot of things to burglar-proof their home. Precautions readily exist. But, when it comes to actually securing one’s door, people take a costly shortcut when they shouldn’t. Securing a door isn’t that difficult, nor is it time consuming. In the end it’s probably easier than begging your neighbors to make snow tracks around your property to give the appearance of someone being home. We’ll let you know here how you can pull a few minutes aside to secure your door and feel safer when you’re home or away.


The Door Counts

Before we begin we need to ensure you have the right door. Having a pseudo-door, like one of cardboard or hollow build will not suffice in establishing your safety. Replace that door with one of the following.


Windowed Doors

Windowed doors have an allotted entry to them. If you have a windowed door make certain that the build is reinforced well. If you have an alarm system, make certain that the door does not permit someone from the exterior to see if the house is set by an alarm system or not. Windowed doors do not maximize security as they are compromised by a slight design inclination.


Forget to lock up?

A significant amount of burglaries happen in one simple way. The burglar tests the doorknob and the door is not locked. Do not forget to lock your household when you leave. It sounds simple to those who are creatures of habit, but even those who are continually aware slip-up. It only takes one mistake to allow someone entry to your home. Additional attention doesn’t hurt your security.


Reinforce your door and entry

Bumping, picking and crowbar wrenching are common ways to break into a home, but all can be prevented with adjustments to your external locks. Try installing these few things to improve the security of your door.

  • Install Cylinder Guards
  • Replace Strike Plates
  • Try and secure exposed, corroded hinges
  • Re-sturdy and fortify your door frame



Although it may seem a little funny, a viewer helps. What is a viewer? A viewer is a peep-hole, essentially. The main function of a viewer is to allow viewing from inside- out and not outside- in. Although this may seem petty, if one feels an extra eye on them from the door, they may feel more uncomfortable and not commit the burglary.


Besides for basic lock upgrades and installing CCTV cameras and light censors, easy burglar-proof door adjustments can go a long way in securing your home. Think these ideas over before leaving your home for long or short term times away. 

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