How to Keep your Keys Organized

When you get back home after a day at work, it can be easy to completely drop all your stresses and thoughts, and just kick back. However, you might have to work to find the correct key out of all those on your keyring, or even worse, find that you’ve lost or misplaced your keys. Here’s some expert tips to organize and keep track of your keys, as prepared by the residential and commercial security experts at SOS Locksmith.


Painting Keys

Try using nail polish to paint each key with a different color. Use the colors as a organizational system that can help you keep track of where your keys are, and where each key belongs. This can help you be constantly vigilant to ensure that your keys won’t fall into the wrong hands.


Sharpie Marker Organization

Use permanent sharpie markers to paint the head of each key with a different color – and if you want this marker paint to last, paint it after with a clear coat of nail polish. Just make sure not to put your personal info on your keys, as this is a security risk.


Use different key rings

If you use many different keys at once, try organizing them by using seperate key rings. This can help you separate keys that you need to keep on your body on a constant basis, with ones that you only need at certain times. If you want to keep multiple keys together, simply use a plastic zip tie to carry them all together for maximum convenience and organization.


Key Caps

Many organization and home goods stores sell rubber or plastic key caps that can fit over your key head. These key caps are texturized for gripping and are color coded for easy organization – and should be pretty cheap to buy as well.


Key Organizer Devices

If you want to bring out the big muscles and have somewhat of a budget, consider purchasing a professional key organization system from a brand like Keyport or Keysmart. These devices, like Swiss-army knives, help you seperate each key into separate groupings in order to maintain maximum key control.

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