Commercial Keyless Access Control

Keyless access control systems are a fantastic option for commercial properties – as they offer myriad benefits that apply to security, ease-of-use, and functionality. In this blog entry, the commercial locksmith experts here at SOS Locksmith will detail some of the basics of commercial keyless access control.

Commercial Access Control Basics

Commercial access control can utilize many different technologies including, but not limited to, ID badges, keycard readers, proximity sensors, and password keypads. Other options may include fingerprint scanners, palm scanners, and other types of biometric access control. Commercial access control helps protect your property – and can be wired together from a central command system.


Keyless Entry

Keyless entry is usually accomplished with the scanning or swiping of an employee badge or keycard. Passwords are another common keyless entry method – and passwords can be changed on command by administrators. It’s common for two factor authentication to be used with access control systems, meaning that anyone will need to present two separate access control verifications – like a password coupled with a fingerprint scan or proximity token – in order to be allowed to access particular restricted areas. This is one way of making your property even more secure.


Benefits of Commercial Access Control

By utilizing commercial access control, you ensure that your facility has higher levels of security – protecting valuable equipment, important documents and data, and even your hard cash. By utilizing a high quality commercial access control system, you can protect your property without the need to hire as many physical security guards – as systems will further work as a deterrent for criminals to even try to enter your property. Furthermore, they offer fantastically convenient access control solutions, as managerial staff can be granted universal access – or selective access, all based on their clearance level


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