What to think about when you replace your front door lock

Front door locks are a total essential for any secure home or business. It’s the first line of strategy in any successful security infrastructure. However, locks, just like all pieces of machinery, degrade over time and sometimes require replacement. Here’s a guide from the residential security experts here at SOS Locksmith on what to consider when you replace your front door.


What is your level of necessary security?

This is determined based on what the property is, and what is locked behind the door. Obviously the front door of a business or home is higher security than that for a bathroom supply closet. Consider that 7 pin locks provide more security than the more common 5 pin locks. Mortise locks are something else to consider due to their durable construction. You can additionally add an additional deadbolt to your locks for extra security.


Consider how much the lock will be used

If the lock will be activated and deactivated multiple times throughout a day, it will wear down faster. Since residential locks are usually lower quality than commercial locks, and your home has high entrance and exit traffic, consider getting commercial grade locks or slightly more expensive / well constructed residential locks.


Lock Quality Level

Don’t focus as much on the lock brand name as much as the lock’s technical specifications and customer reviews. Read other people’s experiences with the locks. There’s myriad options out there, with many different lock models of varying quality sold by all the leading companies, so it really pays to do your research.


Consider Electronic Locks

Electronic locks are a fantastic investment for people that often lose or misplace keys, and have to deal with lockouts. Electronic keypad locks get rid of the need to carry keys around – and in turn, remove the chances of lost keys falling into the hands of criminals. Even if passwords are forgotten, you can easily change them with the application that many of these smart locks are connected with.


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