Top Tools Used by Locksmiths

Just like any other manual trade, locksmithing requires it’s own set of tools. It’s incredibly important that every locksmith has a full range of tools – as many different situations call for different tools, and the only way to be fully prepared for any situation that they might come across. The full range of tools available can be a bit daunting for beginners  – in this blog post we’ll be taking a look at the most common and essential tools that locksmiths use in their trade.

Pick Gun

This tool is incredibly widely used – and comes in both electrical and manual iterations. They function similarly to key turners, but move in an upwards motion forcing the lock pins to jump up, unlocking the lock. This tool can also be used by burglars.

Key Turners

This tool can be used when you accidentally lock yourself out of your house. Similarly to a pick gun, it rotates whatever key is on the other side of the lock, unlocking the door. Usually this tool only works on second or third lever locks.

Key Machine

This tool cuts keys of all types, including circle keys, padlock keys, or cabinet keys. Unlike manual key duplication where a locksmith makes exact replicas, key machines makes a working key using a pre existing key’s code numbers. These machines come in automatic, semi-automatic, or manual categories, and offer engraving add-ons that can make cutting burrs, key rings, key tags, or opening cards.


Tension Wrench

The bread-and-butter of locksmiths, this device functions through applying pressure inside the mechanism of the lock to release it, opening the door. Using the tension wrench, the locksmith applies force to the cylinder, and then uses a lock pick, pulling up all the pins until they are completely flush with the line, aligning perfectly and unlocking.


Power Drill

The holy grail to the bread-and-butter of the Pick Gun, these tools are some of the most essential tools of the entire locksmith trade. Drills vary according to many different sizes, brands, and materials – it’s use is simple. It drills holes through doors so that locks can be fitted into them and properly installed with no extra space.


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