Easy Key Organization Tips

Have you ever experienced the stress of trying to get into your front door and struggling to find the right key on a crowded and chaotic keyring? Is your keyring so disorganized that it’s become a major inconvenience? In this blog post, the expert residential and commercial locksmiths here at SOS Locksmith will detail some fantastically easy key organization tips that will greatly simplify your life.

Painting Keys Using Nail Polish

Nail polish is the perfect consistency for painting keys to make them more visible and organized according to use. Simply lay your keys down on a newspaper or paper towel. Then choose the color of nailpolish that you want to paint your keys. Then leave them to air dry for a couple hours – remember to flip and repaint the other side. Then just add them back to your keychain for instant recognition!


Permanent Marker Labeling

If you don’t have any nail polish, permanent markers are also a fantastic way to color your keys. If you don’t want to bother with covering an entire key with permanent markers, just draw a number or shape on the key that will stick out in your head to allow you to quickly set that key apart from others.


Organized Key Rings

Consider using seperate key rings for different purposes. Using seperate key rings is a great solution for those that use different keys for single locations. If you need 3 keys to come in your front door, put them all on a single ring; if you use 4 keys just at your office, put them on a seperate ring! We recommend getting different color key rings and labeling them according to use so that you can organize them and grab them from your pocket when needed with much more ease.


Custom Printed Keys

Ask your trustworthy local locksmith to print new keys on special colored key blanks for easy use. Consider solid colored keys, metallic keys, or even custom designed keys with sports teams or film character patterns on them!


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