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Card Access or Key FOB Access


Key FOB Access Key FOB Access Card Access Key Card Access Key Medeco Aperio Lock Medeco Aperio Lock


As technology advances, card access is becoming more outdated and key FOBs are gaining traction. The reason for this is simply because key FOBS are smaller and easier to remember. Cards are usually placed in the wallet while key FOBs are a small device you can attached to key chains. While people may forget their wallets at home, they are far less likely to forget their key chain.
Cards and key FOBs are the primary source of entry for standalone locks with access control capabilities. They are quick and simple to use and they are convenient in commercial buildings where you have to control who is able to come in and out. While most companies use key FOBS nowadays, there are benefits to using a card. The card has photo capabilities and can be used as work identification.

SOS Locksmith is the leading specialist is all things security in NYC. We have a variety of card access and key FOB access systems for you to choose from. Our locksmith staff is more than happy to answer any questions you have and help you find the system right for you. We sell, service, and install all access control systems and we guarantee the best service possible. Nothing is more important to us than your security. It's why we're in the business.
Access Control Brands SOS Locksmith carries Keri, Keyscan, ZIC Technology, Linear, and Doorking


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Card Access or Key FOB Access