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Be Aware of Locksmith Scam


Staying Conscious of Locksmith Fraud in NYC


Lockouts can be a very tedious and annoying disruption, whether it be a lockout from your home or vehicle. Tracking down spare keys however may not always be a serviceable option, as sometimes there are no spares available to assist you. In the event of a crisis as unfortunate as this, a locksmith is needed to help you open your lock and perhaps help you restructure a new one. However, picking a locksmith is not as simple as just dialing a company on a phone book, as there exists a multitude of fraud locksmith companies that take advantage of situations such as this by overcharging, and pretending they are a local company when in fact their place of operation is far from local. Therefore, it is imperative that you remain aware of the signs of fraud when hiring a locksmith company in an emergency lockout situation.


Fraudulent locksmith companies operate by placing themselves under phone books and other listings online that persuade customers into thinking that they are a local company. When customers call these local companies thinking they are receiving high quality locksmith service, they don't realize that what they are getting instead are untrained individuals from the local area of which you have called. These individuals are dispatched by the false company you believed you hired locally, meanwhile the company could be located in a completely different state. The untrained local individuals will then proceed to charge you more than what was estimated, and may perform blotchy work on your lock. In order to prevent yourself from falling victim to such a fraud, it is advisable to remain alert and use the following advice to discern a professional locksmith from a false one.


The Better Business Bureau (BBB) offers a list of accredited businesses and reputable companies, so if you are unsure of the legitimacy of the locksmith company you hired, refer to their website online and see if your locksmith company is listed. You can also remain vigilant on your own by doing some quick investigative work on your local locksmith company. Check that the address listed on your locksmiths website or phone book entry exists by calling and confirming their location. If you're locksmith company sends a claimed professional in an unmarked car, or refers to their company simply as locksmith services and not an official name or title, then they are not a reputable business. When you're locksmith arrives at your home ask for identification to confirm he works for the company you hired, and ask for credentials, where he would likely show his locksmith license.


There is no reason why you should entrust your lockout to the hands of nonprofessionals, or scam artists who will try and make the most money out of your situation and provide inefficient service. By remaining aware of the signs and staying vigilant, you can prevent fraudulent locksmith services from taking advantage of your emergency situation. Remember to check that your locksmith is BBB accredited, and make sure that you are being serviced by trained professionals who make your service their main priority.




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Be Aware of Locksmith Scam