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Lock Re-keying NYC



SOS Locksmith offers lock re-keying services in NYC for all residential buildings or homes. Lock re-keying is the process through which the interior tumblers of a lock are restructured into a different shape and size, rendering any current key sets incapable of entry. As opposed to having to replace your entire latch system upon the misplacement of your keys, lock re-keying is a more effective form of protection. After the process of re-keying the locks in your residence is completed, you are then issued a brand new set of keys associated with the newly structured lock. Our expert locksmith technicians can re-key any lock in your residence and in the event of key misplacement or lockouts, can restructure the lock quickly and efficiently. New keys will be provided once the process is completed.


By re-keying your entire residential lock system including bathroom, bedroom, front door etc. you can establish a universal lock system that leaves all your doors and locks subject to a master key. By doing so you are no longer dependent on conserving a multitude of different keys that can easily become misplaced. Our trained technicians can assist you if you desire a universal system and can provide you with the master key that will open all of the doors within your residence.


Lock Re-keying Benefits Includes:


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Lock Re-keying NYC