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Key Pads


Narrow Style Digital Keypad

Narrow Style Digital Keypad




Keypads are a great alternative to any security needs. With their keyless entry, you never have to worry about misplacing or forgetting your keys. You never have to compromise style for security and here at SOS Locksmith, we have a large variety of keypads in different styles, sizes, and finishes. Depending on your preference, the keypad can be touchscreen, numeric, push button, or a fully digital display. We carry anything from economy based standalones to more stylized systems in stainless steel. If you are a going for the standalone keypad, we have a secured series available and we welcome you to come in, test them out, and ask our knowledgeable staff any questions you have. If you are looking for additional security, on the other hand, we have you covered as well. We have a variety of options for you to mix and match to find the perfect fit.

Keypad Lock NYC

SOS Locksmith can connect your keypad with an electric door strike, magnetic lock, or intercom panel depending on your preference. You can also pair it up with an old fashion lock. It must be mentioned our selection is not just limited to doors and entrances. We also provide alarm keypads that can hook up to any type of alarm system.

SOS Locksmith does not stop at selling. We provide a full array of options for our customers. We can repair your keypad if it is damaged. We can help you maintain it to make sure it doesn't break. And most importantly, our trained locksmith experts will install the keypad wherever you need. We are more than happy to work around your schedule because we understand the importance of feeling safe

Call 212-206-7777 for a free consultation with regards to your key pads access control needs.

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