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Advanced Security Services NYC

SOS Advanced Security offers high security locksmith services in the Manhattan area. With the advent of technological advances, improvements in the fields of electronic surveillance and security have made it possible to improve security measures through a wide of available options and services. Our advanced security services and sales feature state of the art technological products that will allow you to better secure your retail stores, hospitals or medical office, schools, university and other commercial location in NYC. Our professional staff is adept in the art of installation and maintenance and will ensure that you receive the most efficient products and services catering to your needs. Our advanced security services and sales include alarm system installation, CCTV systems, intercom installation, high security locks and access control systems designed to bolster your security provisions and allow for an effective and efficient security system.


Providing video surveillance monitoring for your company's building which include indoor and external cameras, surveillance software and maintenanceLearn more about CCTV systems

Providing high security surveillance and front door management to prevent unwarranted entry which includes audio systems, audio/video systems, phone entry intercoms, IP intercoms, front door management, and buzzersLearn more about Intercom Installation

Providing security to prevent access to private areas or front door protection which include wireless technology, facial recognition software, biometric software, electrical strike, keypads, fingerprint reader, electronic locks, magnetic locks, hybrid locking technology and keyless entry.Learn more about Access Control Systems

Integrating locking mechanisms with state of the art hardware and equipment to bolster security and prevent unwarranted access. Our high security locks feature products from Mul-T-Lock and Medeco, the most prestigious brands in the industry.Learn more about High Security Locks

Providing high quality alarm systems for privacy control and protection which include motion detectors, carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, and LCD alarm keypads.Learn more about Alarm System Installation

Call 212-206-7777 for a free consultation with regards to your biometric access control needs.

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Advanced Security Services NYC