Storefront Security

Here at SOS Locksmith, we think it’s essential for business owners to find a balance between strong security and budget consciousness. There’s a range of fantastic options that business owners can implement to ensure that their storefront is secure and … Continue reading


Solo Living Home Security

Living on your can be incredibly peaceful, with tons of private time to be productive (or just eat ice cream in your underwear.) Here’s a guide to some essential home security tips for solo living, as prepared by the residential … Continue reading


Home Invasion Prevention

Home invasions are pretty much one of the worst case scenarios any homeowner can imagine happening at their property. Luckily, there’s myriad of security strategies that when implemented in a combined and holistic fashion, can greatly decrease the chances of … Continue reading


Making Windows More Secure

Burglar proofing windows is a combination of a few different protective actions. WIndows are considered vulnerable potential burglary access points. In this blog post, the residential and commercial security experts at SOS Locksmith will go into detail regarding many of … Continue reading


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